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5 Ways Chipotle‘s PR Strategy is Winning the Fast Food War

Chances are if one of these restaurants is nearby, there’s been burrito enjoyment happening (or maybe a salad).

No one goes away hungry and if for some reason the creamy goodness of guacamole isn’t a draw — order it on the side — someone in the group will gladly enjoy it.

Chipotle makes over $4 billion dollars annually — so if all they sold were burritos, that would mean someone could buy over 570 million of them each year to reach the total.

1. Chipotle is a living, growing organism — er, organization — with now more than 1,700 locations. Currently, two airport Chipotle locations are open and serving during breakfast hours — Dulles and Baltimore-Washington International.

2. When it comes to Twitter — they don’t own @chipotle. Their official Twitter account is @chipotletweets brandishing approximately 710K followers in comparison to the just over 600 of the other guy. The followers for @chipotletweets rises quickly, we’re just waiting for Twitter to figure out how to put a bullet beside the name for its rapid rise on the top charts. BTW, they also have over 500K followers on Google+, and over 2.7 million likes.

3. Chipotle’s headquarters is in Denver, one of Forbes top 10 cities in America with a fast-growing well-educated population — but guess who they sponsor when it comes to sports — the Boston Celtics — that’s who. Wonder if it is that signature Celtic green being so similar to a fresh batch of guacamole. At the college level, they sponsor the UCLA Bruins, There’s at least one more sports oriented lucky stiff — Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks was given a card from Chipotle worth one year of free burritos.

4. Speaking of guacamole — company-wide they use over 97,000 pounds of avocados (approximately 100K avocados) every day to make that signature product. If you eat at a San Diego Chipotle, there’s a chance some of your guacamole came from avocados grown on Jason Mraz’ (singer-songwriter) farm nearby — he sells them about 30,000 pounds of the luscious green fruit each year.

5. Steve Ells, founder of Chipotle only created the restaurant to build an income stream so he could open a fine dining establishment with the revenues earned from Chipotle. We haven’t heard of him opening that restaurant yet, but they are an investor in a Colorado pizza chain — Pizza Locale.

And here’s some seasonal information — if you buy a burrito on Halloween at a Chipotle — check the receipt — it shows the purchase as a “boorito” and if you go in costume — you’ll get a $3 burrito free — call in advance to verify your location is honoring this offer.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5W Public Relations. 5WPR is based in New York City, with offices in Los Angeles and Denver.

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Ronn Torossian is CEO & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“

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