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5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian

Amazon Prime Fast Market Leader

The battle for streaming video supremacy is heating up. Even as Netflix maintains a lead in producing hit original content, competitor Amazon Prime is closing the gap on users. In fact, Amazon Prime now reaches nearly half of all U.S. households. Think about that. Half. 54 million households for those scoring at home. If you don’t have Prime, you can bet your neighbor is subscribed. Another survey estimates that one in five American adults is a member of Prime.

That’s great news for Amazon, who can expect members to each spend roughly $1,000 each year with Amazon, not counting the $99 membership fee.

What has led to this incredible market saturation? First, Amazon makes streaming very convenient. You can stream on any mobile device and through most boxes including Sony and Samsung “smart” DVD players, Playstations, Xboxes and other Internet-ready TV hookups.

But convenience doesn’t matter if you don’t have the content. This is where Amazon truly excels. Prime members have a lot of quality “free” content to stream, with many more top-viewed movies that services such as Netflix, which pads its catalog with B-movies and unwatchable documentaries. In addition to the “free” content, Amazon offers the convenience of Amazon’s almost endless catalog of movies and TV programs, including new releases, for purchase or rent. If it’s available for streaming, chances are Amazon has it.

But wait, there’s more. Amazon Prime recently began streaming premium content from pay cable networks Showtime and Starz. The two networks are constantly battling to create new original series to capture diverse audiences. That means a steady stream of new content for Amazon Prime members.

The constantly growing product line, quality content and easy accessibility make Amazon Prime a key contender in the war for streaming dominance. The result: 54 million households stopped buying DVDs … now they just say, “it’s on Prime.” That’s branding.

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Ronn Torossian is the CEO of NY based Public Relations Firm 5WPR.

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