Artificial Intelligence and Public Relations

AI in PR

Ronn Torossian
2 min readDec 31, 2021

Due to a lot of science fiction films, many people tend to view artificial intelligence as a very intelligent machine that can replace or destroy humanity.

However, that’s only in science fiction, and hasn’t been invented yet.

The fact is that this type of technology is already changing people’s lives.

From Netflix’ recommendations feature to Google maps showing people the best route to take to work, AI is constantly helping people lead better lives.

Artificial intelligence in public relations has become a tool that allows companies to automate repetitive tasks, create personalized content, develop data-driven campaigns, and even predict PR crises.

Although the number of PR and AI tools available to companies is constantly growing, many people still don’t understand what kind of impact those tools have on the industry overall.

According to researchers, there’s a significant amount of misunderstanding, or at the very least, a knowledge gap regarding the state of AI advancement and how it can be applied to the current capabilities of PR.

Fortunately, that’s starting to change as more and more businesses are starting to implement AI in their PR operations.

Those AI tools are able to process human language, which allows companies to get a better grasp on consumer behaviors, interests, beliefs, and preferences, all in order to deliver better campaign strategies.


One of the benefits of AI in public relations is allowing companies to automate daily tasks that are repetitive– for example, tracking a company’s media coverage.

The tool is able to take over some of the daily tasks that are common in public relations, and it’s also able to give immediate insights and reports on whatever is being monitored.

This allows companies to get more accurate metrics for their PR campaigns, such as the sentiment that consumers or journalists hold regarding a company.

Accuracy and Speed

Another benefit of artificial intelligence in public relations is that it’s able to accurately quantify people’s opinions and feelings about brands.

Then, those opinions and feelings can be compared against different metrics such as sales, engagement, and stock price.

AI can quantify and compare all of those metrics at incredible speeds, and in real-time.

This is an essential benefit to companies that are undergoing a PR crisis– for example, when conversations on social media are changing fast and turning negative, which makes the time a very valuable asset.

However, aside from all of those benefits that artificial intelligence provides to companies implementing it in public relations, they now also need a new set of skills.

Those skills include the ability to create a positive user experience, running big data analytics, and more. That’s the only way that companies can truly justify the effectiveness and value of AI in public relations, and compete with marketing and advertising efforts.



Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is Chairman & Founder of 5WPR, one of America’s leading & largest PR Agencies and the Author of the best-selling PR book: "For Immediate Release"