Communicating With Consumers Effectively

Ronn Torossian
3 min readDec 7, 2022

Communication as a tool has been around since practically humans have been because it’s the only way for society to move forward in a way. However, communication has evolved in many different ways which have allowed companies to promote themselves effectively to their target audiences.


There are a number of tools in communication, such as panel discussions, workshops, meetings, seminars, pictures, and more that companies can use to promote themselves to the target audience at a low cost and very effectively. This type of communication is also very fast, however, one of the biggest disadvantages a company faces when communicating with a target audience in this way, is that through oral communication the messages that the company is promoting aren’t able to be maintained for a longer period of time, which means there is a risk of the messages being misinterpreted when they are relayed from one person to another.


Another communication tool that companies can use to promote themselves to the target audiences very effectively is exhibitions. Plenty of times, especially in the last few years, a lot of people have started refusing to attend workshops, formal meetings, as well as any other type of event where they have to sit still for a long period of time, and listen to a single person speak, simply because they dislike long speeches, and all the other formalities that are associated with these types of events. However, exhibitions have a much more relaxing and interesting atmosphere to them and allow people to have a lot more ways to have fun, take advantage of the number of amenities, and even eat throughout the event, which isn’t really an option for more formal events. Because of all this and more, exhibitions allow companies to draw in very large crowds that are going to be interested in what is happening during the event. Instead of simply boring the attendees of an event with long sessions and lectures, or even discussions, through exhibitions companies get to display photos, diagrams, charts, posters, infographics, and many other things that are going to be a lot more interesting to the attendees, and attract a lot more people to attend the event in the first place.

Public relations

One of the only ways companies can generate positive media coverage and support from relevant journalists, reporters, news editors, and media outlets, in general, is by establishing a positive relationship with all these different people beforehand. All of these are reasons why companies have to invest in public relations efforts as soon as the company is established if they’re looking to reach a bigger target audience, establish their credibility, and even position themselves in the market. Through various tools, such as press briefings and press releases, companies will be able to create a rapport with media outlets and stay in their good graces for a longer period of time.



Ronn Torossian

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