Digital Marketing Trends for the Pet Industry

The pet industry is a big market, and business owners are constantly looking for new ways to take advantage of the industry’s various trends. As nearly 70% of households across the United States own pets, and the population of pet owners is growing steadily, the sales in the pet market have also been growing.

Although the largest pet category is always going to be food, there are plenty of other products that can be very successful in this niche. No matter how superior a product might be, it’s not going to be successful unless supported by a strong marketing campaign that can reach many people.

However, this industry’s marketing products are different compared to other industries, as it requires special attention, which isn’t achieved by a generic marketing plan.

One of the oldest marketing strategies is leveraging the audience’s emotions to guide sales. Still, this can be taken to another level when it comes to pets, as there is an emotional aspect when selling pet products. This audience loves their pets and treats them as a beloved family member, which can be utilized as a selling point. Depending on the product itself, companies can capitalize on how beneficial their solution will be for both pets and pet owners.

Businesses can grow and achieve success without utilizing the power of social media platforms and their ever-growing popularity. The best thing about these platforms is that companies can introduce their products for free while also promoting them to a larger audience through paid ads. Another great advantage of social media platforms is that most people on those platforms already love seeing content related to pets and other animals, which means the chances of reaching a large number of people are larger.

Additionally, when presented with content relating to pets on their social feeds, most people don’t really perceive it as promotion or spam, which makes them more likely to engage with those posts and improve the company’s brand awareness and get more conversions.

Most pet owners, especially the younger generations, are especially supportive of pet brands that create charitable campaigns for other animals. These people love their pets and want to give the very best things to them, which means they’re a lot more likely to spend on high-quality products and food for their pets — and if those companies have partnered with a charitable organization, such as an animal shelter, they’re going to be even happier with their purchases knowing they’re also able to help other animals.

Influencers are no longer only people or very well made AI characters — these days, there are plenty of pet influencers online who can help companies run very successful marketing campaigns. Pet owners tend to follow plenty of influencer pets on social media platforms, and it’s easy to target that audience through collaboration with that pet influencer.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations. 5W PR is a leading digital pr and influencer marketing agency.

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