Digital PR for Startups

When a company, especially a new company, is looking to positively influence its target audience, one of the best tools available for them is digital PR.

Through trusted, independent, and unbiased websites and publications, startups can reach target audiences, improve SEO, and generate brand awareness without spending too much on advertising.

While traditional PR efforts mainly focus on reaching radio, TV, and print publications, online media, which has been the most popular platform for many businesses lately, is the focus of digital PR.

These days, many consumers have started preferring online publications and influencers to newspapers or even well-executed product placement.

That means companies can reach out to industry or market-relevant bloggers, influencers, and journalists. Then, they can send out a press release to generate high-quality backlinks that improve SEO. These press releases can also increase positive brand coverage and earn plenty of exposure on social media platforms.

There are plenty of useful and efficient digital PR strategies that companies can use. They generally depend on the creativity, time, and budget of a company.

The best digital PR campaigns are created around a core idea and then supported by additional PR efforts such as content marketing, which strengthens the ongoing story a business tries to tell.

Website Traffic

One of the benefits that companies get from digital PR is an increase in website traffic and improved SEO.

This is because if a company gets more mentions and links from relevant, authoritative, and high-quality websites, more people are going to become interested in that business and visit their website.

Those links also improve rankings in search engine results pages, which means a company using them will show up on the first instead of the tenth page of the results when consumers look up relevant keywords.

Leads and Sales

Another benefit of digital PR is that it helps companies get their products and services in front of the people who are looking for those exact solutions.

The more those potential consumers learn about a business and what its products can do for them, the more leads the business will get.

With more eyes on products it means the company has effectively reached the right target audience, with the right message, and at the right time. In this case when those leads open up the company’s website, they’ll be about ready to make a purchase.

Brand Awareness

The next benefit of digital PR for startups is that potential consumers will get enough time to become familiar with a business which uses PR before they decide to make a purchase.

If a company shows up enough times in places that the target audience frequents — such as relevant social media platforms — the more aware of the business those consumers are going to become.

Through PR such companies thus also benefit from creating a trusting relationship with their consumers, which is very important for startups. That is because when they are given the right messaging and content, the leads are going to become more willing to turn to a business when they’re considering making a purchase.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations. 5W PR is a leading digital PR and influencer marketing agency.

Ronn Torossian is CEO & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“