Encouraging Employee Advocacy on Social Media

Ronn Torossian
3 min readDec 3, 2023

In today’s digital age, social media platforms play a crucial role in business growth and networking. Among these platforms, LinkedIn stands out as a powerful tool for professional branding and networking. Encouraging the employees to actively use LinkedIn can not only enhance their individual careers but also contribute significantly to an organization’s success. To do that, companies need to create an employee social media policy and encourage the employees to share content.

Amplified reach

When employees share company content due to the company’s employee social media policy, it reaches a broader audience, potentially including their connections who might not be following that company directly.

Trust and credibility

LinkedIn users often trust content shared by employees more than content from official company profiles. Personalized messages and insights from employees can enhance a brand’s credibility.

Talent acquisition

A strong LinkedIn presence can help attract top talent to an organization. Potential hires often research a company’s LinkedIn presence to gauge its culture and reputation.

Thought leadership

Encouraging employees to share their expertise on LinkedIn positions them as thought leaders in their respective fields. This enhances the organization’s industry authority.

Engagement and leads

Social media employee advocacy can lead to increased engagement with the company’s content and generate quality leads. It can also drive traffic to the business website and boost conversions.

Education and training

Begin by educating the employees about the benefits of LinkedIn and the impact of their participation. Offer training sessions to teach them how to create an optimized LinkedIn profile, curate engaging content, and effectively network.

Leading by example

Company leaders should actively engage on LinkedIn and set an example for employees. When executives share company updates, it encourages others to follow suit. Their engagement can also attract more followers to the company page.

Content sharing made easy

Make it effortless for employees to share company content. Provide a centralized repository of pre-approved articles, videos, and updates. Tools like LinkedIn Elevate can simplify content sharing for the internal team.

Recognition and incentives

Recognize and reward employees who actively participate in social media employee advocacy. Highlight their contributions in company meetings or newsletters. Consider creating a social media employee advocacy program with incentives like gift cards or recognition awards.

Personal brand development

Encourage employees to develop their personal brands. Help them identify their areas of expertise and guide them in creating content that showcases their knowledge. When the personal brands of a company’s employees flourish, it reflects positively on the company’s organization.

Consistent posting schedule

Encourage employees to maintain a consistent posting schedule. Consistency increases visibility and engagement. Provide guidelines on the best times to post for maximum reach.

Engagement and networking

LinkedIn is a networking platform. Encourage employees to connect with industry peers, clients, and partners. Commenting on the posts of other users and joining relevant groups can also boost their visibility.

Employee-generated content

Empower employees to create and share their content. This could include blog posts, videos, or insights into industry trends. Authentic content often resonates well with audiences.

Monitoring and feedback

Regularly monitor employee activity on LinkedIn. Offer constructive feedback and guidance when necessary. Recognize and celebrate milestones, such as reaching a certain number of connections or engagement metrics.

Measuring and adjusting

Use analytics tools to track the impact of social media employee advocacy efforts. Monitor key metrics like engagement rates, reach, and lead generation. Adjust the strategy based on the data to maximize results.



Ronn Torossian

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