Expanding a business with tie-ups

Ronn Torossian
3 min readNov 22, 2022

The marketing efforts of a business can get a boost by strategic alliances. Two businesses are always better than one, particularly when they share resources and expertise. For a business to thrive, it needs support and that means building the right relationships. The right partnership can result in serious value. In a tie-up each brand ensures that it retains its distinctiveness and goodwill. Given below are some of the most effective brand tie-ups of the past few years.

Alexander Wang and Uniqlo

Alexander Wang had collaborated with Japanese label Uniqlo for a collection that featured fashionable underwear pieces. Streetwear labels are sought after partnerships these days. The collection demonstrated that there was a mutual understanding of each other’s aesthetic and work ethic. The bodysuits, tees, and underwear of the collection were made with Uniqlo’s Heattech fabric. The designs were innovative and experimental and did not compromise on style.

Casper and West Elm

Casper, the company that sells mattresses, collaborated with West Elm, the home furnishings retailer. The two businesses entered into a collaboration so that customers could try out the mattresses from Casper before purchasing them and it also meant promotion for West Elm’s furnishings. West Elm wanted the younger audience that Casper had. Casper has a simple ordering process and their trial period is also uncomplicated. People who wanted to try out the mattresses were also visiting the West Elm stores which meant new customers for the stores. It was a mutually beneficial partnership which helped the participating brands to appeal to a wide group of shoppers. Shoppers ended up having options, they would know how the mattresses would feel and what they would look like fitted in a bed frame.

Spotify and Starbucks

This was an instance of unique partnership with Starbucks entering into partnership with Spotify. Starbucks promoted Spotify in its stores and Spotify included a Starbucks playlist on its platform. This was also an instance of brands embracing technology to improve the user experience of customers. Customers actively participated in the rewards program of Starbucks as a result of this to listen to the in-store playlists even after they had left the premises of the store. Customers who purchased the streaming services of Spotify also earned rewards points that could be used for free beverages.

Amazon and Planet Fitness

Amazon and Planet Fitness entered into a partnership which even included a hashtag challenge on TikTok. Customers were encouraged to post a video of themselves doing a dance. The members of planet Fitness were offered a free Amazon Halo View wellness tracker. Members got a discount and they were encouraged to post a video with the hashtag #GlowUsYourMoves for the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards. This would help Amazon to maintain its presence in the wellness industry. Participants would also receive a unique code to use on Amazon and receive a free fitness tracker.



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