• Isaak by StatusToday

    Isaak by StatusToday

    An Artificial Intelligence that gives people analytics to drive organizational change

  • Steven Farmer

    Steven Farmer

    Short bios suck. #WWMBD?

  • dave hochman ‏

    dave hochman ‏

    Owner of DJH Marketing Communications, a PR & Content Marketing firm located at the Jersey Shore. Former Marine, Ohio U grad, waterman, T-Shirt expert, Dad.

  • Ebru Yalcin

    Ebru Yalcin

    Marketing Professional

  • Carmen A. Harris

    Carmen A. Harris

    Global comms pro at FireMon. Live in Dallas, fan of Philly sports, common sense, Febreeze, & IPAs. #PR #Security #PR #technology

  • Ian Waldon

    Ian Waldon

    Father. Husband. Transactional lawyer protecting our clients blindsides.

  • Bob Dunn

    Bob Dunn

    Web consultant, publisher & amateur farmer, homesteading on the banks of the Brazos River

  • Jennifer


    A Jersey native & honorary island gyal who writes about cool people YNTK, entrepreneurs and small biz success…#TheKnower…@PRChikNumeroUno…www.jcolterpr.rocks.

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