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How Can Influencers Connect to Brands?

There are plenty of blogs and articles out there outline how companies can find influencers to boost the success of their social media marketing strategies. However, there are far fewer solutions available for influencers looking for ways to start developing their influence for the first time. As an influencer’s impact and social presence begins to grow, most will find that companies begin to seek them out automatically. However, when influencers are first getting started, and they want quick ways to monetize their Instagram or Twitter success, they may need to take some additional steps to capture the attention of the right brands.

1. Use Brand Hashtags

One good way for influencers to connect with companies that might be looking for social media assistance, is to use a branded hashtag. Many businesses today use their own hashtags to capture the attention of their audience, but a message from an influencer using a branded hashtag can also grab their interest too.

When using a branded hashtag, influencers should make sure that they have some kind of value to share. This might mean uploading a picture of the company’s product along with the hashtag or adding a comment about the brand based on a recent news topic or company update.

2. Review Products and Services

Another great way to get the attention of companies as an influencer, is to review their products and services. Of course, the best bet here is for influencers to use a good review to show the company that they’re interested in what they have to offer. It might even be a good idea to follow the review up with a private message to the business marketing team, or an email to the company which draws attention to the review and how much engagement it’s seen.

The more attention a review gets from an influencer’s target audience, the more likely it is to capture the attention of the brand that influencer wants to work with too.

3. Demonstrate Value

Influencer marketing is an extremely positive form of promotion in the modern world. In an era where many customers use ad blockers to avoid messages from traditional companies, influencer marketing allows brands to start building a relationship with their target market. This means that many firms will already be on the lookout for the right influencer.

Experts with an impact on the right social channel can reach out to brands they’re interested in working with through the PR agents, marketing teams, and other professionals to suggest a collaboration. However, it’s important for these influencers to have value to demonstrate in their message. A screenshot of the number of followers an influencer has isn’t enough. The best social media experts know that they need to demonstrate their level of engagement too.

An email to a brand featuring statistics on metrics such as comment rate, retweets, reshares, and other engagement-based analytics will help to earn the attention of marketing groups. Influencers can also consider including information from previous campaigns they’ve worked on with other brands.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and founder of 5WPR.

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