How Omnichannel Retail Can Convert Browsers into Buyers

Ronn Torossian
3 min readMar 26, 2024

In today’s digital world, online shopping offers convenience and home delivery. However, this has led to the challenge of showrooming, where customers visit physical stores to see products and then buy them online at lower prices. This leaves retailers feeling stranded as their shops become browsing areas. To combat this trend, retailers can utilize omnichannel retail to create valuable customer interactions and combat showrooming.

Bargain hunters

With the internet at their fingertips, it’s easier than ever to compare prices across various retailers, ensuring they’re getting the bang for their buck.

Information nuts

Online shoppers have access to a wealth of product information and reviews on the web. They enjoy exploring product specifications, user reviews, and how-to videos without leaving their homes. This abundance of information allows them to make informed purchasing decisions.

The “hands-on” crowd

There are just some things customers just need to touch and feel before purchasing. This is where brick-and-mortar stores step in, offering shoppers the opportunity to experience products up close and personal.

Advice seekers

Nothing can quite replace the specialized advice given by knowledgeable in-store sales advisors. Shoppers often come with individual queries, require unique suggestions, or seek understanding of a product’s features. An experienced store associate can cater to these needs, fostering trust and assurance.

Price honesty

Customers like straight talk. Offer a price-matching policy that keeps up with online discounts. This shows the company is transparent and takes away the need for showrooming just to compare prices.

Tech-ready stores

Arm stores with tech like tablets or kiosks so customers can access online features like price comparisons, and product reviews, and even check out the competition while they’re in the store.

Mobile-first strategy

Make sure the website is mobile-friendly. Shoppers often research products on their phones while in-store. A smooth mobile experience allows for easy research and even purchase completion, right there in the store.

Empower the sales team

Equip the team to be product gurus. They should be ready to answer questions, make personalized recommendations, and highlight the perks of buying in-store. A knowledgeable and engaging team can build trust and sway purchase decisions.


Consider implementing a click-and-collect service where customers can choose their products online and pick them up in-store. This meets the needs of shoppers who relish online browsing along with the immediate satisfaction of taking their purchased items home with them.

Inventory sync

Keep the online and in-store inventory levels consistently updated. There’s nothing more annoying for a customer than to find an item out of stock after researching it online.

In-store exclusives

Offer experiences that can’t be replicated online. Things such as interactive product demos, workshops, or loyalty program perks exclusive to physical stores.

Reward loyalty

Treat the regulars the right way. Nothing says ‘thank you’ like loyalty points, exclusive discounts, or a sneak peek at new products. It’s the perfect way to spice up their shopping and keep them coming back for more.



Ronn Torossian

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