Leadership in a Post-Crisis Period

The pandemic has often been referred to as a leadership test for many business leaders across a variety of industries.

The business leaders that managed to ace this test were acting decisively throughout the entire pandemic even though they didn’t have all the necessary information.

Those are the people that communicated with honesty, transparency, and vulnerability; the business leaders who managed to connect with consumers, employees, and stakeholders with compassion despite the stress and the amount of suffering happening around the world.

Now that the pandemic is finally coming to an end around the world, plenty of people are wondering whether things will go back to the way they were before it happened.

Meanwhile, others are left questioning whether the new modes of remote operations will continue, as the former ones seem outdated to them.

Leading Through Uncertainty

The last year presented a lot of opportunities for business leaders to review and change the way their companies operate. It wasn’t an easy time, as there was a lot of uncertainty about the future, which made for plenty of stress and anxiety.

The best business leaders understood this, and started from the perspective of managing feelings, and created environments where consumers, employees, and stakeholders could safely communicate. These safe spaces were essential for companies that were trying to create more positive working conditions where people could talk about and process their experiences while embracing the uncertainty being felt around the globe.

Leaders During Difficult Times

One thing that many business leaders have realized in the past few months is that they’re not able to handle everything at the same time. That means that many business leaders had to find a way to accept reality and figure out what they can and can’t control. Although, as humans, it’s normal to constantly want to predict what’s going to happen next — and which are the best next steps to take — those predictions aren’t always correct.

That’s just one of the things that these business leaders had to come to terms with during the difficult times of the pandemic. Business leaders should also be setting aside some time for themselves instead of constantly working for their company, its consumers, and employees. This is because at the end of the day, business leaders who fail to take care of themselves aren’t going to be able to care for their business.

Mutual Benefit

As much as business leaders strive to create great workspaces and safe places where everyone can openly communicate, the businesses themselves, and everyone involved with them, should be doing the same thing for the business leaders too.

That means business leaders should be just as involved in those spaces as everyone else at the company, to create more meaningful connections through honest conversations.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations. 5W PR is a leading digital pr and influencer marketing agency.




Ronn Torossian is Chairman & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“

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Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is Chairman & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“

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