Mark Hamill Sounds Off on Carrie Fisher Tribute

Star Wars is, once again, all the rage. On the heels of a massive convention in Orlando, Florida, Lucasfilm and Disney released the first real trailer for the next installment of the film series: The Last Jedi.

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For months now a debate has raged among both dedicated and cursory Star Wars fans as to what was meant by the cryptic title. Was the Jedi Order finally going to be destroyed? Were Luke and his new apprentice being considered the “last Jedi” in order to build something better? Was Luke a bad guy who was going to turn his padawan to the Dark Side? Arguments flourished as inquiring fans grew desperate for answers.

Now that the trailer is out, some feel that question has been answered. Luke says to Rey it’s time for the Jedi to end (cue ominous music and the trailer ends). Fans erupted. They are blown away. Why would Luke want the Jedi to end? It’s been his life’s pursuit to become a Jedi and rebuild the Order. Why stop when he finally has someone worth training?

Others have a different take on the trailer. They think Luke really did turn. So, who’s right? That’s the question Disney and Lucasfilm hope fans continue to debate. One thing that’s not being debated is how Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill feels about the planned tribute to the recently deceased Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher. He was asked, and Hamill obliged. His remarks were captured by the Associated Press and published in multiple news outlets.

Hamill said he is still grieving over Fisher’s sudden death, but he said that’s a natural part of the process and he will move on in time. He helped many die-hard Star Wars fans do just that at the Orlando event, leading an hour-long tribute to Fisher. He told the crowd he was using the experience as “therapy,” and he hoped they would all “get through this together.”

As he has in the past, Hamill referred to Fisher throughout as his “beloved space twin,” telegraphing the deep bond the two formed when filming the original movie that would launch them both into superstardom the likes of which many cannot even imagine.

Hamill admitted a fleeting crush as well, “Part of me did fall in love with her. I think every guy… She had you under her spell… I thought I couldn’t handle her as a girlfriend. She’s too much.”

Hamill shared stories of visiting Fisher over the years, sharing private moments about how their friendship lasted and evolved through the decades. And, when asked about how fans would react to The Last Jedi, Hamill was quick to bring it back around to Fisher:

“Wait until you see her … You’re going to love her.”

Ronn Torossian is a PR maverick and the CEO of 5W PR in NYC.

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