Market Research Basics

Ronn Torossian
3 min readFeb 15, 2023

A lot of companies end up wasting both time and money because they don’t truly know their ideal customers and thus the solutions they create don’t make sense for the business. That’s because the company will not be able to create solutions that will fit the needs of the customers without truly understanding their behaviors. That’s why it’s important for companies to research the market and learn more about the needs of their customers, their pain points, and the types of solutions that they are looking for to be able to meet their needs.

Meeting needs

One of the best ways for companies to understand their customers’ needs is to analyze the current customers and how the company can best give them what they need or want before going any further. This is relatively easy for businesses to do because everything the company needs to know to make its customers really happy is information that’s already available to the business. However, companies can also do some additional work and research to be able to meet the needs of their target audiences.


There are different ways that companies can generate more information on their customers such as collecting data from their past purchasing habits, or their online browsing habits, as well as other information, and one of the most effective strategies that companies can use to collect important customer data is through surveys. Surveys are a great way for companies to generate more information on the target audience, however, if a company is looking to get high-quality results from its surveys, it will have to figure out which questions it needs to ask its customers, and ask them the right way as well. These types of questions are able to help customers truly figure out their deepest thoughts and provide them to the company in a way that will make sense, and can even be used for companies to segment their target audience.

Conducting research

Before a company can get started on creating surveys that are going to help it get more information on the target audience, it’s important to keep everything simple to make sure that the company gets the answers it needs. That means companies will have to create questions that are easy for the target audience to understand and answer. It’s also important for companies to keep their overall surveys, and not just the questions, on the shorter side, because long surveys and long questions tend to lead to high abandonment rates because people don’t want to spend a lot of time providing answers to a company when they can be doing something else. Additionally, if in the middle of the survey, an audience member realizes that the survey is going to be long, the survey will end up with incomplete information as they abandon it in the middle of answering questions. That means companies have to figure out the best way to get people to respond to their questions in an exciting way that won’t take up too much of their time.



Ronn Torossian

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