Marketing a sports event

Ronn Torossian
3 min readNov 15, 2022


Whether it is a neighborhood competition, or a professional league, the success of a sports event depends on its marketing. Sports events are action-packed and adrenaline-fuelled and should be able to attract large crowds. Marketing a sports event involves a lot of hard work. Attendance is very important for a sports event as everything depends on the attendance. The goals of a sports event may be varied. It may be to create a sense of community or raise money for a cause. The goal of an event is important as that will determine whether the sports event needs a welcome booth or relevant decorations. Given below are tips to successfully promote a sports event.

Create a buzz around the event

Diverse social media content can be used to engage the target audience and create a buzz before the actual sports event. The target audience should be given something attention-grabbing so that they remain on their toes before the actual event. The media outlets that are important for the event should be notified. Whether it is a local newspaper, a sports club, or a radio station, each media outlet can share information that would be relevant to people who are interested in the event. A ‘launch’ event can also be promoted before the actual event.

Use posters and fliers

Banners and posters of the event can be posted anywhere from the city hall to a coffee shop. The posters should be colorful and eye-catching using catchy event names. The event name can also give a hint of what the event is about. The name should also be simple. Posters are also a relatively inexpensive way to promote a sports event. The poster can also include interesting details. For instance, if Girl Scouts are selling cookies at the event, that can be mentioned in the poster.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers for a sports event could be anybody from a coach, a sports reporter or even a fan. If the chosen influencer has a forum with which they communicate regularly they can get the members of the forum engaged about the event. An influencer can always boost the reach of an event. The online followers of an event can help to generate buzz around an event. This would be done at the fraction of the cost that would be needed for a commercial. It should be ensured that the influencer gives out accurate information.

Leverage social media platforms

Social media platforms can give insights as to how well a sports event is resonating with the audience. Fan-generated social media content can also help to spread the word about the event. A website can also be set up to promote the event and interact with the audience. A catchy hashtag can also make it easy to track conversations about the event. Contests that give away branded merchandise as a prize would also be effective in promoting the event. Behind-the-scenes content and interviews with the players can also help to build anticipation.



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