Marketing Tactics for a Rebrand

Sometimes, a fresh start breathes a much needed new lease on life into a brand or product that’s seen declining results. A rebrand or a relaunch of a product or service isn’t a simple undertaking, but when done correctly it can reap massive results for the business.

What causes the need for a rebrand? This depends on the goals that were set forth at the outset of the launch. Was the goal simply to produce as many sales and revenue as possible? Was it to reach a certain amount of people? Depending on the measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), many factors can determine the need for a rebrand. Let’s take the simple example of a product that simply has outdated packaging. The original design is from the early 90s, and the color palette just seems to be a bit too blocky and unsophisticated compared to its modern counterparts. Perhaps a bit of a rebrand and a corresponding relaunch would help catch the product up to speed.

But not every rebrand means launching a package that looks like everything else that’s trendy. If the product is well-known, perhaps there is an argument for keeping elements of the previous branding. For a product with outdated materials, adding a few different new elements would help play up the “reimagined vintage” look.Once the marketing and branding team has decided on a winning packaging design (if there is one), then it’s time to start working on the marketing materials to spread the word about the rebrand.

This is a time for marketing professionals to get creative. How can you reconnect with consumers who maybe fell off the wagon along the way, while still reaching out to new users? This strategy will require a lot of thought, research, and execution, but is necessary to ensure a successful relaunch.

One such way to approach the marketing campaign for a relaunch is to reach out and talk to the target demographic. Find out what they’ve been missing, what they’d like to see, and how they’d like to access it. Is there a way for this newly reimagined product or service to fill in those gaps? Marketers should learn to think like consumers, finding opportunities to reach and engage with them whenever possible.

Another way to breathe some fresh air into a new campaign is to experiment with different channels for advertising and promotion. Did the brand have a weaker or nonexistent presence on social media before? What about podcasts, ever tried those? Explore different avenues to promote the new branding, as this could open the door to reaching an entirely new segment of potential customers.

And it’s okay to take a few risks along the way. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and find similar, edgy campaigns to play off of. The more a brand can stand out from the competition — for the right reasons, of course — the more success it will see in the end. Even with a relaunch, marketing should be treated as a top priority with a corresponding investment of resources.

Rebranding and/or relaunching a product or service can be a long, grueling process. However, sometimes this is necessary in order to give that product a second chance at bring in revenue. Getting creative doesn’t necessarily mean just going with what’s trendy. Marketing and branding professionals should do adequate research on their target market and stay true to the brand’s core values at all times, even when things look a little different.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations.

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