Maximize Email Marketing Impact with These Easy Steps

It’s tempting to draft an email campaign, schedule it in the campaign management tool, and forget about it once that task is checked off the list. After all, this is a busy world we live in. No one has time to send emails one by one.

But what if we told you that sending mass marketing emails is more ineffective than a more targeted, segmented approach?

Sure, this process can be a bit more time-consuming, particularly at the outset. However, more statistics point to a higher rate of success by using segmentation or action triggered emails than by constantly bombarding customers with promotional emails.

In addition to segmentation, adding some flair and personality into marketing emails can also go a long way for engagement. Email marketing can be an impactful tool for any business that wants to grow its customer base and promote brand loyalty. However, this isn’t something that can just be scheduled and forgotten about if it is to be successful.

At any given moment, customers may be poking around on the website or social media page of a business, debating the idea of making a purchase or booking a service.

How can a business better entice those customers to make that decision? Let’s use the example of abandoned checkouts — a common issue that many businesses with an online store contend with.

Following the customer lifecycle, a consumer sees an ad on their Facebook feed for a clothing brand that looks appealing. They click on the ad, which promotes a price cut in some popular pieces available on the website. The customer adds the piece to their cart…and then disappears.

Now, if the business is smart, they’ve already asked for the customer’s email. This can be obtained by linking the customer’s website visit to their Facebook, Google, or other social media account. This, of course, should always be done voluntarily and a disclaimer should always be provided if the business plans to send promotional emails.

A customer who abandons their checkout is likely unsure if they want to spend money, didn’t like the final cost including tax and shipping, or simply changed their mind. The business may not know the exact reason, but emails can still be sent if a customer abandons their checkout.

Ways to increase the sense of urgency and entice the customer to convert can include free shipping or a discount offer, or even a price drop. Sometimes, even just reaching out to remind the customer that they have items waiting for them is enough to create a conversion.

Use email’s power to reach these customers who otherwise may get lost in the fray and never come back. Abandoned checkouts can be greatly reduced and turned into conversions with a bit of tweaking and utilization of triggered emails.

Not everyone wants to open their email and see message after message with “SALE!” or “Buy our product!” in the subject line over and over again. This can cause retail fatigue and prompt the customer to disengage with the brand’s emails.

Therefore, it’s important to also work in some other relevant and engaging content. This could be a “best practices” email that’s sent to pet owners during the summer. It could be a promo around a charitable event happening at a local restaurant that has an email list.

Email marketing does not have to be synonymous with sales. Building relationships with customers is equally important, so find ways to bring value to their inbox. With this cultivation of loyalty, more revenue will follow.

And even doing simple things such as adding an emoji to the subject line can make a difference in open rates, believe it or not. Personality matters and brands should make an effort to connect with their customers. Think of how you, as a consumer, like to receive communications and monitor results from email campaigns to have a better idea of how the customers engage with materials they’re seeing.

Email marketing can be highly impactful, but it’s beneficial to take things a step further and try to make email really work for the business. A bit of extra effort, use of segmentation, and adding some personality can go a long way to maximize the results of an email marketing campaign.

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, a NY headquartered public relations agency

Ronn Torossian is CEO & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“