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Ronn Torossian
3 min readJul 7, 2022


In marketing, a niche is a particular segment of the market which deals with a specialized product or service.

There are influencers in so many niches that a business can easily find an influencer who is in the same niche as its potential customers.

Niche influencers mostly have small but highly focused followers and are typically experts on specific topics. Niche influencers are useful for engagement and specialization. They are like subject matter experts and since they have lesser followers compared to popular influencers, they have a close and authentic relationship with their audiences.

An influencer for every industry

Every profession, no matter how specialized, has its team of social media influencers. This comes in handy when the audience is well-educated about the niche.

A niche influencer achieves higher conversions. Travel, health and fitness, lifestyle and beauty are all industries that dominate influencer marketing.

There are other niche industries too that benefit from influencer marketing. Given below are niche influencers who have become leading voices in their space and have transformed their careers in the process.

Terrill Haigler

Terrill’s story went through an interesting development during the pandemic.

Terrill was a Philadelphia sanitation worker and is now CEO of the nonprofit Trash2Treasure, which organizes educational programs and community cleanups.

During the pandemic, a lot of sanitation workers suffered from COVID, and that created a backlog in the work of other sanitation workers.

That is when Terrill started an Instagram account so that he could post updates and community tips. This turned out to be extremely helpful as the residents did not get any updates from the Streets Department about when trash was being collected.

The audience also wanted to know what sanitation workers did. This platform helped Terrill to spread awareness about the conditions that sanitation workers faced and how residents can help in cleaning up their neighborhoods. He also created a hashtag #supportsanitation.

Alex Nino

Alex Nino is a trucker who teaches novices about life on the open road.

He is a long-haul driver of an 18-wheeler truck and his popularity on social media platforms have also helped him earn brand endorsements.

He has over a million followers and he makes informational videos about how to cook in a truck and even the portable toilet seat that he uses sometimes.

He puts the audience in the driver’s seat and has even made videos for Amazon and Verizon.

Katie Duke

Katie Duke is a nurse practitioner and also has a podcast.

She talks about the day-to-day things on healthcare, including the work environment and bullying.

Her audience comprises mostly women of the age group 22–45. KAtie is authentic and relatable and does live events and workshops.

Tyler Froberg

Tyler Froberg is a fourth generation farmer who is extremely popular on TikTok.

He is also the co-founder of Good Livin’ which ships farm-fresh items across the nation.

He gives farming tips and also does comedy skits on how to grow jellybeans and candy peanuts. He also posts how-to videos and gardening tips.

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