The Most Exciting Products to Come Out of CES 2023

Ronn Torossian
3 min readJan 26, 2023

The annual exhibition, CES, which features new products in the tech industry, finally returned after a couple of years of being held only virtually due to the pandemic. A number of stories and products have come out at CES 2023, from new inventions in the music industry relying on new tech, to gaming, fitness, auto, and more. Here are some of the most interesting products our team saw in Vegas.


It’s not always easy for people to figure out different ways to work out from home and to incorporate more movement into their days while they are working. That’s why Acer created the eKinekt BD 3 to help people looking to get a bit more workout on a daily basis. The product is simply a compact desk on top of an exercise bike that allows users to work out while charging their devices with ports that are built into the desk. An added benefit is the built-in electric generator, which consumers can use to charge their devices by working out, depending on the speed of their workout while using the device.


Roland created a concept piano for its 50th anniversary, which gave the world a sneak peek into the future of consumer technology. The concept piano is more of a work of art, made with a contoured design from Japanese oak, and has a big screen that’s hidden in the lid of the piano, which can be used to display piano lessons or sheet music. It also has 14 different speakers built into it that can be moved to broadcast the piano’s sound in practically any direction, as well as flying speaker drones for additional sound performance.


The iX Flow was a concept car by BMW that was presented at CES 2022. The car was entirely wrapped in flexible electronic ink panels in black and white, which allowed the company to change the color of the vehicle, as well as display various custom design elements or patterns that are constantly changing. For CES 2023, the car manufacturer created a follow-up to the original design, i Vision Dee, where “Dee” was short for “Digital Emotional Experience”. This new concept vehicle was wrapped in Prism 3 full-color electronic paper panels, and the exterior could be completely customized with different designs or patterns with the touch of a button, whether to match the mood or the outfit of the owner.

Cooler Master

Most PC cases, as people know, are practically just boxes that house the various parts of a PC. However, Cooler Master decided to change the concept of the PC case, by showing up with various gaming PCs in cases of different shapes. That’s how the brand showcased its new gaming PCs, Sneaker X and Shark X, and fit mini-ITX complete with RTX graphics cards fitting inside the new shapes of PC



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