These Two Best Digital Marketing Practices Will Beef Up Strategy

Digital marketing is something that every business, no matter what size, needs to be on top of. After all, marketing is all about the relationships between business and consumers, and how to improve them. But how can a business owner improve their marketing technique and reach more potential customers?

These best digital marketing practices will come in handy for any business that wants to grow its audience. And the marketing industry is always shifting, so it’s important to not get complacent and to always be looking for ways to improve.

Monitor Results to Track Progress

Marketing is built around data. Data about audience behavior and demographics, data about campaign success, data about how much of the budget is being used. There is a lot of variety in the data that can be collected by a digital marketing team, which can make for confusion and feeling overwhelmed. So how does a marketing team sort through the numbers?

The best way to track progress is to monitor results. Not every single metric needs to necessarily be counted — this is dependent on the overall goals of the business and any campaigns it may run.

First, determine what goals a campaign has. Is the goal to drive visitors to the website? To increase conversions or sales? Or is the goal simply to be visible, so that everyone knows what the brand is? This can determine what metrics and what key performance indicators are important.

Once the goals have been determined, find metrics to track. This could be impressions on ads, social media engagement numbers, and/or click throughs to the website. Pull reports from social media and from sources such as Google Analytics or Google Ads to compile a monthly and quarterly report. Monitor trends, and don’t be afraid to make little tweaks to adjust accordingly.

Don’t Change Things Around Constantly

It’s a good plan to switch up tactics every now and then. After all, the digital marketing world is constantly changing, and what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. However, we would caution against making too many changes, too often.

Let’s say that an ad campaign on Google Ads is underperforming. The digital marketing manager makes a few changes and applies them, but the next week not much has changed. Instead of giving the changes more time to adjust — and let Google’s algorithm learn the changes — the marketing manager makes even more changes and is frustrated when there are still no results to show.

When making changes, be sure to give them enough time to take effect. Not everything will yield overnight results, so patience is key here. One of the best digital marketing practices is to allow time for results. Be willing to adjust, but remember that results may take more than just a week to come in. Set a goal of implementing test changes for at least two weeks before making further adjustments.

Digital marketing can be challenging in that it requires a skillful manager who is capable of identifying and keeping up with trends. In today’s age, those trends are constantly changing. For this reason, taking the time to monitor results and key performance indicators is key. Additionally, when tweaking the marketing strategy it’s best to let the changes have time to take effect, rather than jumping to conclusions and hastily making more changes.

Patience and the power of observation are key for any digital marketing strategy’s success. Taking these best practices to heart will amplify any digital marketing campaign.

-5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is CEO & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“

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