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Ronn Torossian on 2015 Trends in PR

Top 10 Things for PR Professionals to Know in 2015

Growing and carving out a hard-charging PR career requires that you be well-informed. Being in the know will open up new entrepreneurial avenues and place you well ahead of the curve. Traditional PR skills are on the decline as technology continues to expand, especially in the sphere of digital communications. This, then, creates a need for a PR professional to learn about emerging trends and to embrace them to keep their careers rolling towards success. As the CEO of 5WPR I know that it is essential to recognize the value of traditional PR techniques; though newer trends may enhance them, traditional skills remain a crucial piece in making a successful PR professional.

Ronn Torossian is CEO & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“

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