Using PR to Shape Minds and Build Brands

Ronn Torossian on Using PR to Shape Minds and Build Brands

Many people assume that public relations are all about preserving a reputation for an existing company or making announcements about upcoming changes to a firm. However, the truth is that the right PR strategies can help organizations to build their brands, and shape the perceptions of clients, investors, and shareholders. Public Relations is about creating a reputation for a company with evidence, information, and third-party endorsements. In a world where most customers will research a company before they consider doing business with them, PR could be the key to building a brand that delights and engages any target audience.

Use Data

Data has emerged as something of a buzzword in the branding and marketing world. However, public relations professionals often use data to help them determine how to release a story or transform opinion. For instance, if a company’s data shows that that brand connects best with its customers on social media, then a PR representative might encourage their client to spend more time sharing their thought leadership posts on social channels to boost brand awareness.

Tell Genuine Stories

One of the most important tasks of a PR company involves telling the right stories at the most opportune moments. Storytelling in the branding world is about packaging the most valuable information about a company into a unique, meaningful, and entertaining narrative that forges stronger bonds with customers. The more a client feels they know about the business they’re working with, the easier it will be for that customer to trust the business in question. A public relations professional could even help to draw additional attention to certain events and behaviors that characterize the brand a company wants to establish for itself.

Demonstrate Credibility

For a brand to be taken seriously, it needs to be transparent, and honest. While any marketing team can make claims about what a business can do or offer, it takes a great PR strategy to demonstrate that a brand is credible and worthy of trust. PR companies can build connections between their clients and industry influencers to help them appear more credible in the eyes of their audience. When customers see multiple people, publications, and companies agreeing with what a brand has to say about itself, they’ll feel more comfortable trusting the words of that organization in the future.

Showcase Industry Authority

While a marketing strategy can help a brand to show its authority through informative blog posts and articles, a PR solution focuses on building authority by connecting a company to the right people in an industry. For instance, an announcement from a CEO for a big-name company that appears in a credible publication or newspaper is more likely to earn attention than if the same announcement was to appear on a shady public forum. While marketing helps a company to start finding the voice for its brand, PR gives that voice volume and magnitude by placing it in the right spaces, connecting it to the right people, and backing it with the most relevant information.

Ronn Torossian is CEO & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“

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