What to Know about Twitter’s Approval of Cannabis Ads in Legal States

Ronn Torossian
2 min readMar 17


Twitter recently started allowing cannabis advertising in states where it’s legal, allowing cannabis brands to promote their products on the platform. The move has been well-received, as traditional platforms such as TV, radio, and billboards still face federal restrictions when it comes to cannabis advertisements. Cannabis brands have found several ways to advertise on Twitter in states where the product is legal.

Twitter update

Twitter has become the first US social media platform to allow cannabis advertising. This follows other platforms updating their ad policies in line with changing federal regulations. Google recently released an update permitting CBD pharmaceutical ads, albeit only in Colorado, California and Puerto Rico, subject to FDA approval. Reddit also allows ads for these types of products on its platform inside the US, as well as Meta.

Twitter promotion

Twitter has announced that cannabis advertisers must get authorization from the platform. Advertisers must also have a license from relevant governing bodies before promoting their services on its platform. Ads may not be targeted to audiences under the age of 21.

CBD and Cannabis advertisements on Twitter are restricted to products that contain less than 0.3% THC. Advertisers must also adhere to further regulations, such as prohibiting the use of celebrities, pregnant women, or minors in ads or any health-related statements. False claims are not allowed either.


CBD companies must first understand the rules and regulations before promoting products on Twitter. They then need to develop advertising campaigns that appeal to target customers. To create a strong narrative, cannabis brands should focus on stories that connect with their audience, such as its health benefits or brand origin. Showcasing the manufacturing process can also be effective. Finally, using hashtags helps increase visibility.

Hashtags are a key tool for businesses to increase the visibility of their social media content. Brands must use them wisely to avoid being marked as spam. Further, companies should focus on building relationships with their target audience by retweeting relevant material and engaging with comments and messages. Brands can also join industry discussions and conversations.

CBD brands can use Twitter to educate the public on cannabis benefits and dispute popular misconceptions. It presents an opportunity to engage with consumers and build stronger relationships by sharing factual, educational content.



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