Why Content Marketers and Editors Are A Match Made in Heaven

Your content needs to quickly communicate your message to your audience, but you’re leaning too heavily on your content marketing team and finding that your traction isn’t what you hoped it would be. What’s the missing piece?

We’re currently living in the Editor Age. If you want to really push the envelope, and ensure the creation of enjoyable, and not just well-written, content, then you need to invest in your editing process. Here are eight steps to bring your inner editor to the surface during your content creation process.

1. Research

Your content marketing strategy must begin with research. In addition to optimizing your chances of connecting with your target audience, research is also forms the foundation of truly captivating content. Research helps you stand out with unique ideas your audience won’t find elsewhere.

2. Prepare

Preparing over planning allows for more flexibility when circumstances arise that you hadn’t anticipated. If you stay prepared, you can adapt much more easily. Good editors prepare their content schedules in advance, and adjust them where needed.

3. Write

Be sure to synthesize your research into one cohesive presentation, whether that be an article, podcast, or video. Don’t try to do too much. While first drafts are definitely the place to let your ideas run wild, be sure to focus in on the message you want to communicate.

4. Delete

Remove repetitive and excessive content, and stay clear of the temptation to distract viewers with facts and figures they’re probably not that interested in. Make sure that the information you’re presenting is directly relevant to your topic, and serves your audience.

5. Push

Don’t settle for boring. Push yourself creatively, and make sure you’re trying new ways of presenting your message. In a burgeoning content creation market, this is how you’re sure to stand out.

6. Refine

Once your content is complete, how do you plan to make it sharper? Is there a more succinct phrase to be used, or do you need to explain a point with more details or different language?

7. Polish

Grammar and spelling fans will like this part. This is the step where you scour for mistakes, be they small or large. Be sure to also dedicate some time to fact-checking, even if you think you already completed this stage while you were researching. Uphold every aspect of your content up to professional standards.

8. Publish

It goes without saying, but all this work was for nothing if you don’t actually publish the content you have created. Confident content marketers overcome the curse of perfectionism and publish their best efforts. Stay watchful for ways you can improve, but be sure to back yourself.

Communication on the internet is not just about getting words on a screen; it requires a comprehensive strategy to help your content stand out from the pack. Engage your inner editor, and take your content to the next level.

Ronn Torossian, CEO and Founder of 5W PR

Ronn Torossian is CEO & Founder of 5WPR & one of America’s most notable PR executives. He is the Author of best-selling PR book, “For Immediate Release.“

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